However what you’ll find below my fence certainly isn’t! I have collated our third gallery to inspire as we commence our final week of spiky squares.

Algarvian barbed wire

So difficult to know where to begin as there have been some marvellous squares over the past week.

Have you had any favourites, if so do add them in the comments below along with your squares for today.

A huge thank you to you all for being such fun participants this month, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next seven days.

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  1. You have some serious barbed wire there! Looks like it might be around a prison?
    Barbed wire is interesting, the history of it and how each roll or strand ? is different and are unique to what they are used for, or meaning of the designs. We have a ranching/heritage center here, where all kinds are displayed and the history of each type.
    Here’s my entry for the day:

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    1. the sluice gates of an unmanned reservoir dam, so wires for our own safety.

      I am intrigued though by your heritage centre. What an unusual exhibition but must be fascinating.

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  2. This is certainly forbidding! And another round-up! I don’t think I even got half way through the last lot. You certainly attract a lot of posts for your square challenges. As the week ahead looks promising it might be a while before I get to browse through this lot too, though I am sure there are some excellent spikes to look out for.

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    1. I had a spare hour and wasn’t in the mood for writing a Portuguese post so decided to have fun collating instead 😊 plus like you a promising week ahead so might be April before I collate the final one!

      Have fun spike hunting in between gardening and walking xxx

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