I found more barbed wire!

I am thoroughly enjoying everyone’s daily square spikiness and photographs. If you have not yet joined us, don’t let the barbed wire put you off, there’s still plenty of time.

Barbed wire

Happy spiky, jagged, pointy, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and barbed’ squares!

This maybe a daily challenge for the month of March, but you are also very welcome to post all 31 spikes in one go at the end of the month, join us weekly or pop in and out. Whatever you do though, don’t forget your photograph must be square. It is the ONE absolute rule for this daily photo challenge.

70 thoughts on “I found more barbed wire!

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    • Oh I am so glad you like it Cee, caught my eye on a lovely walk.

      Will be there in a moment to take a peek at yours I am 36hrs behind today, where does the time go?!


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