Yay later today we return to our beloved Portugal, a land where the larks are still plentiful and there isn’t a spiky and constitutional crisis.

Double spikes

I despair of what is happening in the UK right now, and live in forlorn hope that our parliamentarians will stop playing games soon and put the country first. Thank goodness I will be flying away in a few hours. Now whilst I travel across sea and land, why don’t you put your feet up, sit back and enjoy our fabulous second gallery.

Oops I forgot to remind you to make a cup of tea or coffee, or if you are relaxing this evening maybe a glass of wine or something. The gallery isn’t huge today but you are still going to need something to keep you going!

I really hope everyone who visits this post will have a moment this weekend or next to fully look round the gallery. It would mean so much to me if you could.

There are so many wonderful new contributors as well as some extraordinary ones from our regulars. The variety really has been incredible this month, I have never known what might pop up on my screen.

By the way I have discovered quite a few of the pingbacks are not appearing in the ‘pings’ list. I hope I have included everyone who has posted a square in the past seven days, but if I have missed you do let me know. Please also do check your pingbacks link to a post rather than the home page and even more importantly make sure your photos are square!

78 thoughts

    1. Thanks Cee, will be visiting very soon. I am wayyyyyyy behind on the challenge this weekend as Friday/Saturday were even crazier than usual and not just at my place. Having a chill day today, so hopefully will catch up with everyone by the end of Sunday, also hoping the world might be a better place xxx


    1. oh wow that’s so impressive, and whilst I am sorry the rain stopped you from going out I am a little bit pleased it enabled you to visit everyone πŸ™‚

      PS profuse apologies for my tardy reply the last two days have been somewhat crazy personally as well as in the news 😦

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  1. I love his spiky hair-do.
    And I’m with you on Brexit (well, I’d like to be with you and not in UK!) – a headline said it had fallen into chaos last week – ha! they were 2 years late in that comment.
    Anyway, you’ve given us a great round up, Becky. I’m off to grab another coffee and continue my spiky travels!

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    1. oh I am so so glad you enjoyed the round-up but not surprised it has taken more than one cup of coffee!!

      I have to say it feels like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders arriving back here last night. The week was so crazy back in England and what with the horrible happenings in NZ and our politicians still stirring things up in the UK. And you are spot on about the chaos beginning two years ago!


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