70 thoughts on “Spiked in March

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  3. Your posts come out just a bit too late for me to use on the same day they are posted, but I realized it doesn’t matter. The day after is good too. You have plants and everything. We mostly still have melting snow … and I’m worried that we will soon have MORE snow! I hope not. but there’s a big storm in the midwest which might consume us, too. It won’t last long at this time of year, but it can make a big mess for a week or so. I remember when we lived IN Boston, we got a 24″ snow (61 cm) on April 1st that stopped the city for a couple of days, then melted completely leaving floods everywhere. We get really crazy weather in the spring.

    Anyway, a new post tomorrow! Today, they are redoing our bathroom!

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    • ah yes sorry . .I already have it set very early in the morning our time and don’t really want to go much earlier! But you are right it doesn’t matter . . . . our Australian friends are all posting tomorrow today!


    • Hope it continues to melt your snow and that you do not end up with any late storms. My sister in law hopes to return to Pittsburgh next week, and she can do without the snow!!


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