Looking across to Spain

Remember that whilst the spikes (or barbs, bristles, prickles, points or spines) do not need to be the only object in your March Square photograph, the photograph itself must be square!

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  1. What we’d describe as burglar bars in South Africa. I notice that a lot of Spanish properties have such bars, I assume so that they can open windows to allow air flow without anyone being able to climb in! You may correct me on this. Lovely composition with the window focus in the foreground and the village in the background. What on earth is that huge white building on the top of the hill? A castle?

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    1. Am sure you’re right on the windows!

      The castle is a Spanish one. This was once a major smuggling point. There are numerous guard points on the Portuguese side, and we’ve even seen the modern day Spanish coastguard on the river! We’re planning on going to the smuggler festival here later this month 😊

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      1. It’s meant to be brilliant so really hope we make it. As all being well only 9more days in England! I’ll know for definite by end of weekend.

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    1. I’m impressed by your powers of observation Sue, the barred window is in Portugal but the village in distance is in Spain!

      Ooh and I’m intrigued. Will go and check yours out right now 😊

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    1. I hope not, we need you out there wandering!!!

      Great to hear you’re still getting the rain, and even better it’s falling at night. Yesterday was exhausting but today sunny skies, hairdressers and lunch with a friend so all is good.


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