Spiky Sunset
I always find a way to get a sunset in Squares!

I’ve switched countries over night, and when I was packing it occurred to me that today might be a great opportunity to share the first gallery of spikiness. And thanks to some raindrops I found time to create it.

Those of you who have been squares for a while will know to set aside some time and to go and grab a cup or glass of something as the Square galleries are large. But if this is your first time and you haven’t yet made your cuppa, do! Today’s spiky galley is amazing; you’ll going to want to spend some time looking round.

  • I have just loved seeing all the fabulous cacti, but I didn’t expect one quite this colour or fruit this big!
  • There have been blooming cacti, natural pincushions and even a bit of a mish mash!
  • This lovely person calls me the Queen of Squares, well I might be the square organiser but I think she is a Queen of Spiky Macros. And she’s not the only one take a peek at this!

I do hope you are having as much fun as I am. This first week of spikes has been such a lovely and much needed distraction for me, and everyone has been so lovely unlike Septimus!

Thank you for all joining in so enthusiastically with both your spiky squares and all your fabulous, and much welcomed, comments. By the way this might be a good moment to make another cup of tea as we are only halfway!

  • Let’s launch the second half with some great poetry and music, accompanied by escaping and bristly cuteness!
  • And I do hope you are wearing appropriate fashion to look round the gallery!
  • By the way what did you think of the setting sun and were you as envious of me of the garden?
  • The pigeon of spikes made me smile and I loved the incredible spiky views, you need to be cautious though around these spiky balls.

As always you have had me in awe of your originality, technical skills and imagination. I cannot wait to see what you come up with over the next three weeks.

I do hope you have enjoyed our first Spiky Square gallery, the next one will probably appear in a week or maybe two. In the meanwhile please do encourage your blogging friends to join us on this great jagged, barbed, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and pointy adventure. It doesn’t end until 31st March, and it would be great if we could expand our gallery. Remember though to tell them that there is ONE absolute rule for this daily photo challenge – their main photograph must be square!

  • Ooh we have a late comer this morning, the fabulous Clare. Do go and say hi!

Footnote – due to unforeseen circumstances it looks like I am going to be juggling even more than usual over the next ten days. I am ok but please bear with me if the juggling causes any delays in responding to your fabulous #SpikySquares.

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