When I announced #SpikySquares back in February, quite a few of us gulped at the thought of finding thirty-one spikes. However the thesaurus is coming to my rescue. Day one was barbed, day two I went jagged and today I have found something completely different in the archives!

The arrival of our uninvited visitor, can you spy Septimus?
Look carefully and you can spot Septimus being quite spiky!

The white/silver tabby had found his/her way in because two of our fence panels had broken, and we had not quite got round to fixing it. I was delighted to see him/her as I had never seen this feline before. But before I had a chance to say hello, it was making its way back to the gap. Septimus it seemed was less than impressed by our visitor.

The strange noise by the way in my video is Septimus; he has never really mastered the art of the miaow or even hissing. I am sure the stranger stayed longer because he/she had no idea what Septimus was communicating!

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  2. Haha! That video with the volume up really made my cat go crazy! She couldn’t figure out where the cat noises came from and she ran into my room and jumped on the window sill, thinking there was a cat outside.

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