I suspect many people are going to sound spiky in March with their barbed comments, and others are going to look jagged from all that is happening resulting in many becoming prickly with their elbows sharply projecting! Crikey it sounds like I am describing cacti rather than people, doesn’t it?! The never ending Brexit conversations must be getting to me.

Prickly Pear

I’m hoping though there won’t be any spikiness between us here as we all come together to share and enjoy spiky squares.

But don’t share your spiky squares just yet. The challenge doesn’t begin until Friday 1st March! The next two weeks offering I hope plenty of time to discover something new as well as time to explore your photographic archives. And don’t forget there is ONE absolute rule for this daily photo challenge – your main photograph must be square.

I am sure you will discover lots of spiky squares between now and 1st March, but just in case you find yourself struggling, here are a few other sharp ideas to get you started: jagged, barbed, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and pointy!

Spiky Squares

Thank you again to the Eternal Traveller for the spiky inspiration.

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