Dairy Free for All!

Have to admit this is a bit of promotion, but who can blame me when one of my fabulous step-daughters makes the most delicious dairy free cheese AND she’s coming home with supplies this weekend. Yay!


Ellie’s company ‘Kinda Co‘ currently make nine varieties of dairy free cheese, and they are all great. I do have favourites though such as the ‘Faux Lox & Dill Cream Cheese‘. It is made from baked and marinated carrots which are combined with creamy cultured cashews, and then blended with zesty lemon and fresh dill. Faux Lox & Dill Cream CheeseA pot of this never lasts long in our house as it is soooo delicious!

Kinda Co trades mostly at markets across London but every now and then you will find her outside of London, such as this weekend when they will be in Winchester! Very very exciting for us as MrB and I are going to be helping! If you are in Winchester this weekend pop along and see us. Winchester’s inaugural vegan fair is taking place in the Guildhall and open at 10:30am on Sunday 20th January, more details here.

If you are not fortunate enough to be in or near Winchester this weekend, then never fear you can try her cheese too. Kinda Co tends to sell online via stockists these days, more details here.



41 thoughts on “Dairy Free for All!

  1. Nina has been to and had a stall at some vegan fairs in the area and I’m sure she would have loved to have popped over to see Ellie, but they have no car for a week. She’s doing veganuary and at the moment thinks she’ll continue. I’m two weeks dairy free, I don’t eat meat anyway (just fish) and I think it’s helping my asthma. I love cheese and it’s the hardest thing to go without, checked Ellie’s website, and had some ‘cheddar’ in my shopping bag but like Jude I’m hesitating with the delivery charge which is more then the cheese. I probably will give it a go and hope I don’t love it too much! A little suggestion, maybe a mixed pack would sway people to try it? Even better, perhaps she could go west to http://www.countrycheeses.co.uk/

    Have a fun and successful fair x πŸ™‚ x

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    • do do! I really think you’ll find your alternative here. The White Cheddar and Cranberry is a great one to start with, the Greek style is so like feta it’s incredible and as for the dill cream cheese – yummy! The others are fabulous too 😊

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      • Had a look, but the prices are rather high as is the postage. TBH the postage is not clear on the web site so you might want to let her know about that. I had to pretend to buy some cheese to find out.


        • Fair enough re prices. She’s very aware, the challenge is the man ingredient – cashew nuts. Hopefully she’ll find a way soon to bring down into prices. Thanks though for the feedback on delivery cost info I’ll let her know.

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        • Cashew and oat milks are my favourite, fortunately both our Sainsbury’s and Waitrose sell it. I must ask her if she can make cheese from oats as that be cheaper than the cashew.

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      • Hope your grated ‘cheese’ is a good one 😊 Ellie started making her own as so many of the big commercial non dairy cheese products are odd!!


      • Cheese is hard to give up because of all the different varieties. I think the grated stuff on veggies or whatever is probably OK, but not sure about it on crackers. I suppose we just need to give it a go.


        • Can only try 😊 good luck!

          I love all of Ellie’s and some I’m amazed that they are not dairy! A few are more patΓ© like than cheese in texture so don’t think I’ll be giving up my Portuguese goat and sheep cheeses just yet, however having these alternatives available makes a huge difference to our lives.

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