We’re into penalty time

But there is not going to be a single winner, as this penalty time brings victory for all. Yup it is my final #timesquare gallery and also a great excuse for me to share a few Christmas lights from my forthcoming epiphany post on my other blog.


Christmas lights at sunset

It wasn’t long ago I shared a gallery and so nearly all of these delights are from the final three days of December.

I hope you are enjoying this opportunity to catch up with #timesquares after the Christmas rush and New Year celebrations.

This month’s Squares was as expected (given all the festivities) a little bit quieter than September’s, and some of our favourite friends we missed in the past few days.


A hint for March squares!

43 thoughts on “We’re into penalty time

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  2. Happy New Year, Becky. I would be looking forward to your March challenge but I will be in Africa for much of the month. I will try to jump in when I get back. Your challenges are so much fun. Marie

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  3. OK, so it is neither lights or light, not night shots, lamps or lanes. Not leaving a lot to guess at. My guess is patterns. Or shops. Hopefully not shops…
    Another lovely round-up Becky. It has been a lot of fun. Now to get the brain working on what to do on my blogs this year!

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  4. Hats off to the lovely gallery – a herculean task indeed! December has been fun n your prompt comments are actually very motivating! Loved the journey…January already seems to be boring without the squares…😒

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