It’s our penultimate #timesquare and almost the end of the year, and so unsurprisingly I am looking back. And thanks to all of your amazing #timesquares over the past 30 days I’ve been inspired to think out of the archives box by looking in a box!

Brownie Reflex

This Kodak Brownie Reflex was my first camera; it is best described as a box camera with mirror viewfinder. Both the aperture and lens are fixed, but this model did have the option of adding a flash. It would have been made sometime between 1946 and 1962, so was secondhand when I was given it for my birthday in 1979. You could only take twelve 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” photographs, but how appropriate is that for #timesquare!

I have also loved this challenge this month. Thank you all so much for taking part and leaving so many lovely comments. Time has flown, but we still have one day to go. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow too.

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    1. Correction: the new title is “Dronesville football club #17: a tech dog’s last gold rush time confession.” Thanks.

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  1. I love old cameras! My dad had one of those box cameras, and I myself took lots of photos with it. He also set up a darkroom and developed the films.
    Thanks for a fun month, Becky! Only one more…the month has gone by so fast!
    Here’s my entry for the day:


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