I awoke early yesterday but as the sunrise was not as lovely as this one I decide instead to collate our third gallery. Do hope you can join me as I look round it again today, it is rather special.

The gallery is much quieter this week than usual, as many of us have been spending time away the computers.

Thank you all for joining me this month, I know it is a busy month and so it is quite extraordinary how much time so many of you have been able to find for #timesquare.

PS If you have enjoyed today’s wonderful galley but not yet joined in with #timesquare, it isn’t too late. Instructions here!

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  1. Truly, your challenge is great and had so much fun. I do have plenty of photos time of clocks, watches, towers … I suppose my timing is always slow. Love the photo.

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    1. Thank you so much Cee, and I enjoy it so much that doesn’t feel like work 🙂 well apart from when the internet is down which is what happened yesterday!!!


  2. This is definitely the time of year when even I can get up in time to see a sun rise. If it does of course and therein lies the problem. I will keep trying though! And I will try and have a browse through the wonderful gallery you give us. You are such a wonderful host! The hostess with the mostest 😉
    Now that phrase will take you back in time – as will my photo today.

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    1. ooh what an honour as we don’t hear that phrase very often now 🙂

      Hope the sun does put its hat on for you before the dawns begin to return to early times xxxx

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    2. PS Be there in a sec to look at your throwback, my internet was down nearly all of yesterday and there was also a very long lunch with friends so I am completely behind!

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