No-one is quite sure exactly when the three (or is it more) kings arrived, some say it was weeks later and others years. Two years ago here in Olhão they arrived with their musicians, dancers, acrobats and storyteller on epiphany which if we were in Bethlehem would be possible but not sure about travelling by camel here in that time!

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  1. Well whatever the story behind the wise men, who if coming from as far away as India and Iran would certainly not arrived just after the birth, your photos are lovely. The ‘kings’ and their camel are splendid.

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  3. Those camels take me back to Saudi Arabia … I generally hold with Terry Pratchett (like with a lot of things) – they may be mathematical geniuses but generally they’re not the nicest of animals (in the discworld novel “Pyramids” the main camel answers to the name “You Bastard”). Memories is the right track for my entry today: , apparently one of my ancestors left this village around 1900 to find work in one of the new factories in the plains.

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      1. We’ve had a lovely couple of days, thanks, and even the weather has been kind. 🌞 Going to Hartlepool this afternoon and Nottingham tomorrow. Last day with Mum? Make it a good un! Sending hugs xxx

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  4. Well, Catholics in Spain, Poland, Germany and Australia have always maintained that the 6th of January is when they arrived. In fact, I think that the Spanish didn’t get presents until then, traditionally, seeing present-giving as mimicking the magi (while In Poland and Germany they open presents on Christmas Eve). Star gazers? Lost rich people? On a mission from God?

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    1. Oh this is really interesting, thank you 😀 it is fascinating I think how myths, tales and traditions have developed especially as noone can really know any way.


  5. Some people think they were following Halley’s Comet. Bethlehem isn’t “that kind of desert” like in the story books. That’s just the Sahara. The Judean Desert is kind of rocky and hilly. Olive trees. Little mountains … but the Church of the Nativity was always my favorite ancient church, with all the caves underneath, each of which is supposed to be “the” cave 💖

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    1. Am I right in thinking the comet would suggest the 2yr theory?

      By the way have you seen my Portuguese nativity post, captures perfectly the deserts you describe 😊


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