Our Tasting Table at Graham's Port
Apparently port owes its existence to the Abbott of a Lamego Monastery!

We may not remember the monk, but I am sure none of you have forgotten the challenge rules as there is only one rule, your photograph must be square!

The theme of course is TIME and as you will see in tomorrow’s scheduled gallery, everyone has found some brilliant #timesquares. There have been;

  1. Timepieces – clocks, watches, sun dials and egg timers
  2. Sayings – Time & tide wait for no man (or woman!), A stitch in time saves nine, Early bird catches the worm, In the nick of time or More haste, less speed
  3. Synonyms – era, moment, season, infinity, interval, lifetime and age
  4. Out of the box – nighttime, once upon a time, pastimes and mealtimes!

Many of us are posting daily and others are sharing weekly and sporadic posts. If you have not yet joined us it is not too late as even one post at the end of the month will be timely!

By the way if you’ve noticed I’ve not visited one of your #timesquares, please get in touch. I don’t want to miss any of your fabulous #timesquares but I am currently being hampered by WordPress pingbacks. Quite a few are disappearing into spam, and even worst as I discovered yesterday some are not appearing at all in notifications. Maybe it’s a time lapse?!!

70 thoughts

  1. Why do you want them square? I always compose with the intention that I won’t need to crop. Also I’m sure you know that you can go to the spam folder and click not spam, then approve.


    1. Because that’s the challenge Mike 😊, this is a square challenge that runs quarterly. Like you I usually don’t drop,, but for this one it’s fun seeing what happens with squares. And yes I do know re approvals, thanks. Wishing you a happy Christmas.


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