If you want to come first in the 800 metres timing and tactics is everything, and in the late 1940s and early 1950s my Dad was an expert!

Dad's Army running medals
Dad’s running medals (Army)

These medals are just the ones he won in races during his Army days. He thoroughly enjoyed his National Service experience, but as he seemed to spend quite a bit of his time competing in athletics I am not surprised! The two larger medals are from the Vienna Three Power Field Meet, an athletic competition which took place when Austria was still occupied by the Soviet Union and the allies following World War Two.

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  1. Very impressive piece of personal history! — Weird (or serendipity?) that I had an athletic theme for my #19 as well, — of sorts. I doubt whether the Hash House Harriers can really be called athletic since they call anyone who endeavours to run faster than others “racist” (in a good humoured way). Anyway, they don’t run for the time, not even for the glory but for the beer. https://picturesimperfect2.wordpress.com/2018/12/19/assembly-of-lucky-numbers/

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