Time of Day

You can tell the time by your shadow; shadow length and direction varies through the day. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the exact time by this shadow as we were not facing north, however by its length and direction it would seem it was late afternoon!

And it’s not just shadowtime, it is also time to share our first #timesquare gallery. There 40 entries today so it will take a few shadows to visit everyone. You are though going to love it as the entries are an absolute delight.

I do hope you were able to stop for a few moments to enjoy these wonderful musical interludes. If you didn’t why not take a moment now to play a few of their musical choices whilst you make that second cup of tea. You are going to need it as we still have lots to discover in the gallery!

I’m just going to stop for a few moments as all that talk of food has made me hungry. You may also want to take a moment to pause, perhaps even check the time.

PS If you are after fewer words this Saturday, then pop across to see Debbie and the fabulous Six Word Saturday gang. You’ll not only find less words but you will also find more great photographs and links.

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  1. I finally have gotten around to look at all the others entries. I am glad others have included songs as well 🙂
    Thanks for a fabulous wrap Becky ❤

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  2. Brilliant! Just brilliant you put all the entries together linking them to our post. I may make time to add more squares.

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