Day five of our thirty one day photography challenge. The theme is #timesquare so I’m thinking clocks, watches, sun dials, egg timers and anything else which records time. Or maybe the very thing which determines time. The earth moving around the sun.

Almost sundown

Alternatively you might want to think out of our box by exploring sayings such as ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ and ‘More haste, less speed’. Whatever you decide though, please don’t forget to keep your photograph square and to pingback!

Moments away

I have set it up so pingbacks must be approved, which is why there have been a few delays in links appearing this week as I am in Porto, and have limited access to the internet. Apologies.

This weekend though I will visit every pingback/link, catch up on comments and all being well I will share a selection of my favourite pingbacks. If you want to be included in the square gallery please make sure you pingback to the posts rather than the home page as otherwise they can be lost there. Looking forward to seeing you all properly this weekend.

And it has gone!

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  1. What a lovely threesome of the setting sun. I would love to see the sun! Seems to have disappeared here though we have had brief reminders that there is one. Not today though. Mist! And I am dying to get out and take some photos of the lovely buildings in this little town. Are you flying home from Porto? Or having to return to Faro? Make sure you bring some woollies!!

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    1. We had mist in Porto, lots of mist! The sun though did make an appearance at least once each day, and our last two days it was glorious. Unlike what i have returned to. Is there sun at all in England? Flew back last night into a cloudy and blustery Gatwick, and then this morning here in Hampshire it is just horrid! Roll on the 16th when I fly back to the Algarve. Wish you could join me xxx

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    1. It certainly is, we walked more than 7miles yesterday! Weather not a patch on the Algarve though, but it’s fascinating as one moment blue skies, the next swirling mists!


    1. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be visiting everyone at weekend as ran out of time yesterday, and today is even busier. Can’t wait though to enjoy all at weekend πŸ˜‰

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