December Squares

Typically for me at the start of a Squares month I am away from home for a few days, which means access to the internet is going to be sporadic. So apologies now if it is a while before your #timesquare pingbacks appear. They will eventually I promise! In the meanwhile can you guess where I am heading to today?


I will be arriving at this very station around lunchtime. I can’t wait! Not only am I looking forward to seeing one of my best friends, but this city is wonderful.  Uncertain where I am going, then keep reading!

I am catching a train to Portugal’s second largest city, Porto, and specifically heading for Estação Ferroviária de São Bento. Hopefully in a few hours I will be coming out of that tunnel you can see, and then walking into the marvellous vestibule of this 19th century railway station. To enjoy more pictures do take a moment to visit my Portuguese blog.

58 thoughts on “December Squares

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