Shame about the ladder

This was originally going to be a silent Sunday, but then I had these six questions! So a Six Word Saturday it became.

Is that a raised eyebrow? Why does the ladder have to go up so far? Should I photoshop the ladder out? Is the ladder permanent? Couldn’t they have a third ladder for the final section? But most importantly of all has this Stourhead monument always had a sun?!

Did the monument always have a sun?!

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    1. Oh that’s excellent news. Thank you so much for letting me know. Your stunning gardens are a regular haunt for my Mum, and occasionally I’m lucky enough to join her.


      1. Your most welcome. Stourhead is a stunning place, i am very lucky to be there twice a week. A lot of people walk up to the monument and past it since it is a footpath. Even tho i enjoy the walking i will stick with just the gardens as they are big enough.

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        1. oh wow you certainly are fortunate, and yes I can imagine two days a week gardening there is sufficient to keep you fit and enjoy the beauty of the gardens. 🙂


        2. Honestly it’s great being there, on a sunny day there is no other place i rather be. Posting about what i do on word press i am just seeing how it goes, maybe i will post every month as we do different types of jobs.

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  1. I quite like the ladder. It adds a quirky human touch – you can only imagine it is a bit too long out of care for whoever climbs it to clean or gild. The overlap might be a big comfort that high up.

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    1. Hee hee Jude can’t recall it either! The monument has definitely been there a while, it’s by the ha-ha. But that sun I’m sure is new. I should probably tweet the NT.


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