Autumn at Stourhead
‘Every leaf speaks bliss to me’

Are you ready for next month’s #timesquare? No, then don’t worry there is still plenty of time to prepare. If you are stuck for ideas then check out this fabulous post from Clare on her wonderful plans for next month’s challenge. And remember the only thing that is essential your photo must be square, unlike mine today!

Credits: Title and caption from Emily Bronte’s ‘Fall, leaves, fall’.

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  1. I have managed to sort some out, now to do some editing, but I have had a really bad stiff neck today so not a time to be on the computer for very long.


    1. Excellent start, but sorry to hear about your neck. Hope you get a walk in to help stretch it out. I have to squeeze in a walk or a Pilates session for all my aches and pains.

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      1. Not really it’s just that same virus thing I had a while ago back again. The worse thing is that I find it hard to concentrate. Really a bad cold that makes me tired when I do stuff. Thanks for the hugs Becky xx


    1. Oh, no Brian! That’s not good. Seems your immune system must be run down. I hope the warmer weather helps, though personally I always feel worse with a cold / flu virus during the summer. Eat / drink lots of citrus fruits!!

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      1. Thanks Jude. Eating isn’t what I feel like but am getting my vitamin C The warm weather isn’t the best. I felt good this morning but its the evenings when I feel like crap. On the mend 😀

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