Every year a friend and I meet up at RHS Wisley in Surrey, it is halfway between our respective homes. It is a glorious garden to spend a few hours as we catch up on each other’s news. On our last visit we decided to explore the woodland areas, and were delighted to come across two forestry horses – Tobias and Yser – being put through their paces by Weald Woodscapes.

Tobias (above) is a Brabant, a Belgian draft horse, whilst Yser is an Ardennes, one of the oldest draft horse breeds and as you might guess from the Ardennes region. They are beautiful horses, and also incredibly strong. Both breeds were regularly used in warfare thanks to their calm disposition, active nature and strength. These days they are fortunately not used in battle.

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    1. They are wonderful aren’t they. Such a lovely surprise. I wouldn’t though want to be in charge of one though, very evident how strong they are!!

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      1. I know they make changes all the time, a new exotic garden where the country garden was I believe (saw it on GW) I was last there 3 years ago and even then there were several new parts and the new rose garden was looking fabulous.

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      2. I suspect they’ll put up the prices then too. Only issue I have / had with Wisley is that there are so many events it is hard to go there at a quiet time, and I did so love being there practically on my own. Gen went once and had to park so far away she couldn’t really get to the garden (she child minds and had several small children with her).


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