Tickled pink by Square in September

What an wonderful September we have had; fun, busy, varied, interesting, historical, intriguing, inspiring and occasionally very stressful. But most importantly it has been gloriously PINK! I have had a fabulous time, and hope you have too.

Today I thought I’d share a few of my pink again as well as a gallery of some of last week’s amazing squares. You may need to plan multiple cups of coffee, there are at least sixty different gallery participants. If you can visit everyone I will be tickled pink and you are extraordinary, but if you don’t have much time and can only visit a few or one section that’s absolutely fine. I still think you are awesome!

  • Goodness, it would seem pink has taken over the blogging world. I wonder if we all may need a pink cure or at least a lollipop!
  • Thank you all for making this month so lovely, for the fabulous pink moments and colourful surprises especially those which have made me giggle!
  • Thank you also for the tickled pink unpinks. I think the world has needed your joy, beautiful bouquets, lovely trees and wild strawberries. And very much hope that everyone has been able to visit at least a few of their fellow participants.

I never thought back in August that pink would be so inspiring, and I so hope that you enjoy our next square challenge as much. It starts 1st December, and I will be announcing the theme in early November. I think we may need the time to prepare, in the meanwhile I think I might take a few days off!

43 thoughts on “Tickled pink by Square in September

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  3. I have finished looking at all of the entries on this page Becky. It is marvellous to see all that pink that the world provided for the challenge. Thank you ever so much for doing the hard yards, even while doing so much else, and putting together such clever ways to present our work.
    Oh but I wish I could remember what I mentioned for Decembers squares. xx

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