Flamingos! I seem to have a quite a thing about flamingos; I have numerous cards, books, glasses, mugs, clips, garden sculptures, an umbrella, loads of photographs and even a flamingo shaped holder for sellotape! They are, I think, a fascinating bird, and we are so lucky to be able to see them regularly in the Algarve. They have also been perfect for this month’s Square in September, which maybe explains why so many appear in tomorrow’s pink gallery finale.

Spanish flamingos in the Algarve

I can’t quite believe that we have arrived at the end of the challenge. It feels like we only started yesterday. Where has September gone? A huge thank you to everyone who has joined #InthePink, whether as an awesome pink participant, a lovely visitor or an inspiring commentator. My views have jumped from an average of 750 a month to nearly 7000 for pinktember. Quite extraordinary considering this is my side blog.

Adie Janci

It has been a fabulous month. I have had so much fun seeing your posts, and I am also so grateful for your understanding and patience on my busy days. I do hope you will join us again tomorrow for the final collation and again in December for the next square challenge. I already know the December theme thanks to something Brian said ages ago, and so will be letting you know very soon as I suspect many of you will be quite busy that month and will want to plan weeks in advance. Thank you all again so much for the past 30days, you’ve been awesome!

PS The awesome picture is by Adie Janci and was created from an original wood block print for The Found. I don’t have the original but I do have it as a card.

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    1. PS watch out for my Portuguese post tomorrow, they won’t be flying but you might like what they are doing instead!


  1. I really enjoyed the challenge, I didn’t make 30 posts but I made as many as I could. I love your pelican photographs, I’ve never seen any in real life except in a zoo. And probably the only ones were is a Portuguese zoo!

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