It’s Thursday which means it should be time for another Heritage Open Days themed photograph. However as you may recall from Queen Elizabeth I didn’t take many photographs this year. So instead I thought I’d share something very special in Winchester’s heritage – the Winchester Bible.

Looking east

Except it is not quite the bible. Almost though, as it is inspired by the Winchester Bible. It is the main display at Winchester Cathedral’s Illumination. You may recall Mum and I struggled with the angels, well I must admit the angels were not the only displays we pondered over. The flower extravaganza with its glimpses of pink in the longest medieval church nave in the world also had a question mark hanging over it!

The size and complexity we thought extraordinary, and it was certainly striking but it looks better I think in the photographs than it did in person. It was perhaps too large to fully appreciate, and the elaborate central displays I wanted to look at from above not from the side or below. So whilst I loved the hanging illuminated initials and am in awe of the work involved, it wasn’t my favourite display at this year’s flower festival.

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