I have enjoyed my Tuesday ‘travels and sculpture’ focus for Pink Square in September. Today I’m delving into my Algarvian archives for what is described as religious festival, but is also an extraordinary sculpture event and flower festival – Festa das Tochas Floridas in Sรฃo Brรกs de Alportel.

Four photographs as I couldn’t decide which one was my favourite! And I am not alone in the struggle to squeeze in all the pinks. It has been quite extraordinary just how many pinks there are out there! Don’t worry if you cannot fit them all in as my final pink collation is not until Monday 1st October, so you can always add them to that post.

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  1. The Spam filter ate my comment although I swear I wasn’t sharing a picture of a can of Spam.
    Your flowers are beautiful.

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  2. I don’t know if this will go through or not because WordPress tends to hate me, but my contribution is one of the photos I took on a visit to the museum. I’m using it for a couple of different blog hops. It’s square, and it’s ruby–or really saturated pink! Because of cataracts, I can’t really guarantee what color it is. Once I get the surgery, I may look back at my photos and be startled at what I see!


    1. Cara I have found you ๐Ÿ™‚ so thank you so much for sharing the other comment as it would have been a while otherwise!


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