Pink in the Algarve

Today is DDay-7, I’m going to miss Pinktember (thanks again to the fabulous Lucid Gypsy for coming up with this 😊), how about you?

PS I’m blaming my pinktember distress for my non-matching header and square!

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  1. Lovely rock roses? (Cistus?) I fancy one or two for my garden. I am also going floral today and like Brian, I have every day covered now until Sunday πŸ˜€

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  3. Today was a bit of pink photography around my place. I have more than 7 days worth of photos so the last few days I am going to have more than one photo probably or have to do a special post of the photos that didn’t make the cut πŸ™‚ Pretty much all pined out though

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      1. The links are most odd as any linked to a post should come up in my unreads, but some just don’t. I know those that link to homepage disappear into the WordPress sky, but really don’t understand the post pingback ghost effect πŸ€”


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