About to enter our final week

In the Pink

In the Pink, Tickled Pink & Pink!

The original plan was for this to be a proper six word Saturday, but then inspired by Debbie’s Van Gogh I decided to collate a new gallery with bunches of six and the occasional seven.

I was going to collate six sentences of six but decided that might be too much. The standard of squares this month has been quite extraordinary, and so think it might be best to take it slow.

Don’t worry if you cannot visit everyone, but if you can do try and visit six. After all it is a Six Word Saturday!

I think I have linked to everyone at least once but apologies if I have missed anyone. I have found so many links and pingbacks hiding these past 7 days. If you have noticed I have not visited one of your pink posts, please leave a comment below along with the link to the post. I would hate to miss any of your posts.


86 thoughts on “About to enter our final week

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