You have probably not noticed but every Tuesday for Square in September I have been sharing a photograph of ‘sculpture’ I’ve spotted on a day out. So far we have been to Isle of Wight and Belgium; today we are in Portugal for a carnival.

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  1. With all these millions of pink squares you seriously expect us to even remember what you posted last Tuesday? o_O Let alone that it was a sculpture!
    I guess the tree is fake too, but are those real blossoms tied to the branches? I recollect that the Portuguese are quite Gung-ho in chucking beautiful flowers around. Hope you are recovered from the exhausting weekend. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hee hee, don’t think anyone has noticed. There is a theme for every day of the week, I only came up with it so I could work out an order for the archives.

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    1. Hiya, sorry still catching up on pingbacks after the festival. Think they are all in now.

      And yes the blossoms are sculpted too, quite amazing.


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