Chipmunk in California

Well the photographer was tickled pink, and the chipmunk is in the pink on a pink stone.

Yay, I have managed an #InthePink combo this Sunday! How many have you achieved this month?

PS apologies not been in contact since Thursday. The festival has completely taken over life. Normality returns Tuesday, but hope to catch up with all your amazing posts and comments tomorrow.

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    1. Very well, but the last event didn’t finish until gone 11 Sunday night and then I had to be up in the morning for the prize draw. Definitely need more help next year if I do it again!!


  1. Oh, what a fabulous photo! We saw chipmunks in Canada but the little critters moved so fast all my photos are a brown blur. You did well. I’m not surprised you’re tickled pink. My next post is all pink squares! Coming soon…

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  2. I’m right there with you. 16 as of today. Although, to be fair, some of my pinks are more like pale brick red and conceptually, kind of pink. And anyway, the Red Sox are definitely in the pink as baseball teams go. They are SO in the pink they are breaking all the records, so maybe that faded brick wall is telling us something, eh?

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