We’re halfway through Square in September!

Not only are we halfway but it is a Saturday which means it is a Six Word Saturday! Probably a good time to remind everyone of the theme and the rules.


Tickled Pink!

The theme for squares this month is ‘In the Pink‘ and the one rule as always is that your main photograph must be square. 

  1. In the Pink’ – means perfect condition or in good health, so that could be human or not!
  2. Tickled Pink‘ – means delighted, so I’m thinking happy, fun and of course delighted. That could be you or the subject of your photograph.
  3. Pink – you can of course simply share anything that is coloured pink
  4. There is an extra challenge for those of you up for it  – can you manage to combine two of these, or maybe even all three?

Squares is a daily challenge, so your photographs can be from the archives or brand new. If daily is too difficult or you have only just joined us, then feel free to post every other day, weekly or even just once in the month. How often you post I will include you in my regular pink galleries. Don’t forget though to keep your photo square, and to pingback with #InthePink!

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