Heritage Open days volunteer (Photographer Becky)
Actually this is Nicky, but I was in the same pink when I took it!

Yesterday we may have launched but today is the proper day one of Winchester’s Heritage Open Days, and as some of you will recall from last year it means I am virtually off line for four complete days. I promise to catch up next week with comments so please do be patient, especially with pingback approvals!

In the meanwhile if you live in or near Winchester pop along this weekend and say hi, I’d love to meet you in person. Or if further afield why not sit back and enjoy our first collection below. It may take you the four days!

  • The beauty of some of the flowers and macros over the past two weeks has been incredible, and just look at the shot of the tree
  • Now what do you see? I saw an elephant and just look at this pink nose. And as for this I thought it extraordinary.
  • Flamingoes always make me happy, and I am pretty sure a pink wig would too!
  • How many of us have a special mug, it might be chipped but we can never throw it away!
  • Well I had to include this one in the first ten didn’t I!!

Thought I’d take a quick break here so you can go and grab a cup of tea or some water.

  • Feeling revived, or do you need some ice cream? I must admit I can’t wait for my dormant week next week!
  • I think there are going to be fabulous flamingoes, busy bees and gorgeous roses in every ten, that makes me so happy!
  • Are you active in pink? Maybe you do a bit of swatting in pink?!
  • Hopefully this beauty won’t shock, but this one definitely should come with a warning!

After that shocking last picture it is probably time for a biscuit and another cup of tea! It would be fabulous if you could keep going after your second cup of tea, or if you don’t have time today why not return tomorrow.

  • Welcome back, are you sitting comfortably, then let’s continue our third fabulous ten with some tickled pinks and a favourite walk in the hills. 
  • I also wanted to share a great example of no pink!
  • I told you there would be flamingoes in every ten but did I mention all the hibiscus and geraniums, I am such a happy person!
  • There has also been some fabulous and vibrant street art
  • By the way I rather like this, do you think they would notice if I borrowed it?!

I am honoured by the number of you joining us in this month’s Squares. It is such fun visiting everyone every day. Do hope you are having a great time too.

  • There have been moments of reflection and also panic as I thought my computer was playing up!
  • There has been so much beauty as many of you have found roses in their prime
  • There have also been surprises, and as for this one – totally not what I expected from the title
  • Hee hee it’s another wonderful flamingo and just look at these toes, and as for these steps!
  • Before we take the next break I just wanted to share that I wish I was here today

By the way I hope I have included everyone above and below, but if I have missed anyone do let me know. Definitely not intentional, just sometimes WordPress isn’t great with the links. Now are you ready for the final selection, I hope so as I have some amazing ones left plus it isn’t ten!

  • Such as this incredible piano, or is it? And I told you there would be flamingoes in every section, or are they? And how about this butterfly that isn’t!
  • The pink houses has been fantastic, and I have discovered a hidden passion for vintage
  • We’ve had a unicorn, glorious skies, been clutching at straws and enjoyed lots of fabulous merry go rounds
  • And I have really enjoyed the beauty and splendour of all the flowers, and also the variety
  • Most of all though I have appreciated you all enabling me to take a pause in my busy days.

Thank you all

54 pink participants as of Tuesday, no wonder I am dreaming pink squares!

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