I had hoped today to share the first collection of your amazing entries, but the past 10 days have run away from me. What I have managed to do though is take a photograph specially for Square in September, and here it is.

Pretty in pink and yellow

Can you guess what it is?! Mum and I were very undecided about whether or not it works. It was one of many arrangements at this year’s Winchester Cathedral flower festival. The theme was Illumination of Flowers, inspired by the beautiful 12th century Winchester Bible.

The blurb which accompanied our tickets said we would be immersed ‘in a riot of colour as the Cathedral is transformed by striking and fragrant floral displays evoking the Bible’s exquisite illuminated initials and elaborate decorative schemes’. Pink & Yellow in Winchester CathedralHowever it wasn’t quite what we expected; difficult to explain why but maybe it was the lack of connection between arrangements, the fact so many of the colours didn’t seem to come out of a 12th century bible, or maybe it was because some arrangements left us very bemused! Many of my friends have said the same; we all agreed though the technical side of all the arrangements was amazing, the flowers were beautiful and there were some arrangements which took our breath away. But this one I struggled with. It is very pretty and very pink, but it did not sing ‘Winchester Bible’ to me! What do you think? Here’s the complete arrangement to help you decide.

Angel or out of Dr Who?
More Dr Who than a 12th century angel!

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