This year Heritage Open Days is taking place over two long weekends, and today is day one of the first national weekend. Here in Winchester however the doors are only opening for one weekend, and that’s next week! So I’m off out for the day and evening as it’s MrBs Bday, however I thought I’d mention Heritage Open Days today so if you are somewhere in England this weekend or next you could go pink too. Not only are these heritage weekends great fun and interesting, they are all FREE! Find out more here.

And if there is no Heritage Open Days near you this September take a peek at Debbie’s fabulous list of things to do this month and next around the world.

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  1. Ah! If I had read this before commenting I would have known rather than guessed. Nice that you have a ‘free’ weekend. Not sure there is much around here, but I will have a look.

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  2. Enjoy your rest this weekend, Becky, before your busy one comes along
    And thanks for the link 🙂
    And I’m still hoping to get down to yours


    1. Not quite a rest unfortunately as I’m on a stand for two days telling everyone about it! But at least I have a few volunteers helping me 😊

      Be amazing if you could. The College tours are superb. Worth booking on even if you have to cancel nearer the day xx


      1. Sensible. Not sure I’m going to stay involved. Since April I’ve been working full time, and sometimes 7days.


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