It suddenly occurred to me this morning that whilst my square challenge tells you quite a bit about where I visit, events in my life and what catches my eye they don’t always tell you much about me. And with our one year square anniversary fast approaching maybe I should rectify that with the help of Cee and Debbie. So here goes a SYW for 6WS!

It depends on the olives!

What tastes better: black or green olives? It depends on the olives! We currently love olives prepared in pure salt (not brine) and they tend to be black, but then there are the amazing green Portuguese or Greek ones done in brine. How can I decide Cee?! I think it depends on the olives. There again what about these olives prepared by our lovely friend Silvia in the traditional Algarvian way with garlic, coriander and carrots. Oh these are amazing, maybe these are my favourite of all time.

What’s your favourite room in the house? Like Cee I don’t have a favourite. I love being in the kitchen with a cook book and experimenting, or on a rainy day tucked up in the snug with a great book. Then there’s the bathroom perfect some nights when I want to enjoy a long deep bath with a great book, or maybe an early night with a book in bed. Ooh have you noticed something my favourite room of the moment always has something in common!

What fictional family would you be a member of? Crikey what a question Cee! Your answer I love as The Waltons was always a favourite of mine. In fact I think it was watching the Waltons where I first discovered station wagons Jude!

The Prof's familyWhat did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Easy question this one. It has to be escaping Winchinzty with my fabulous godson and his family. We were tickled pink as we made it out with 15minutes and 28 seconds to spare. What a team, what fun and how many smiles. We will certainly be taking part in another escape room experience, and if you are in Hampshire we certainly recommend the fabulous and brilliant Clue Capers .

Thank you Cee for such great questions this week, I might be back on Monday to join in with your next random collection. And thank you also Debbie for continuing to host so wonderfully Six Word Saturday. One of these days the only text will be my six word title!

Wishing everyone a fabulous Saturday, and I really hope to see you back here next Saturday either ‘in the pink‘ or ‘tickled pink’.

PS Those 28 seconds were critical to mention as it means we escaped in under an hour!

PPS Please note in late 2018 Cee had to give up Share Your World, and it is now hosted by Melanie.



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  1. I love marinated olives too. Ginger, garlic and lemon is one of my favourites. I too spend time in the kitchen with cook books experimenting. Thanks for a bit of an insight Becky

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      1. It’s an escape room. Think Channel 4’s Crystal Maze. You have to solve multiple puzzles in order to escape a locked room within a limited period of time. Brilliant fun.


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