In the Pink

It is the 1st of August. How did that happen? Not only is this year disappearing fast, but it means the countdown to Square in September has begun. I shared a tiny clue last week, and today here’s another. But it probably isn’t what you think. It isn’t flowers as we did that last September, and whilst a colour is mentioned that is not the whole theme. More details to follow soon!

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  1. Well I haven’t got a clue about the clue and if it is not flowers and not a colour, then maybe it is layers, then again maybe not. Be fun to find out… I am sure you will have something interesting for us 🙂 Meanwhile enjoy the summer!

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  2. Something beginning with P? I’m puzzled but intrigued – not flowers or pink so maybe something more descriptive like layers or abstract like effusive or …hmm 😉
    p.s. was gifted a Vivian Maier book last week so am back in the world of squares

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  3. And have you got your Algarve flights booked yet? We haven’t but soon! 🙂 🙂 Meeting up with some of the Algarve walkers at Bolton Abbey today. Looking forward to it. Take care, busy lady! 🙂


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