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      1. On the African continent it is deliberate. Ivory poachers were being discovered by wardens because of the vultures circling above after a kill, so the poachers began poisoning carcasses in order to kill the vultures and thereby stop wardens finding them.

        It is the main reason why Vultures are now the most threatened birds in the world. Of the 23 species of vultures in the world, over 70% are at risk of going extinct.

        More details here https://www.hawk-conservancy.org/prk/

        In Asia it was a side effect of a veterinary drug being used on cattle. Proved to be highly toxic to vultures. Fortunately has now been banned in Asia, but the recovery of vulture populations is going to take decades.

        Worryingly though the drug is still in use in Europe, and so European Vultures remain at high risk.

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