As many of you know I attempt every ‘Square Challenge‘ to create a participants collation, sometimes weekly but usually not! And June was a certainly a ‘not weekly month’ as I only managed two collections of all the incredible entries, the last being over a month ago when I also shared the wonky insect house.

Today I hope to make up for that with a collation of the 30plus of you who participated in the final two weeks. You are all superstars!

  • I thought I’d start with two I nearly missed  – first Cathy with her one and only collection, and then Xingful Mama who did 30 in 1, rather than 1 in 30 – both fabulous
  • Debbie did a fabulous round up as did the wonderful PicturesImperfect Too
  • Sue takes us back to her past travels in Provence, my wonderful friend Jo shares a culmination of a lovely week and Daily Musings had me terrified for a moment!
  • Thanks to Gilly we’ve had plenty of variety and Tales from the Lens found wonderful roofs under rooves
  • The Eternal Traveller took us on a whistle stop tour of Australia’s capitals, and Kaz also couldn’t resist Australia’s most iconic roof

Just realised I forgot to remind you to grab a cup of coffee or tea. If you haven’t, why not take this short break to go and make one, or as it’s ‘Gin O’Clock in England why not pour a glass of something! And if you already have your tea or Pimms still take a pause whilst you spot the non Lisbon shot in the gallery below.

  • Tish insists it is NOT her polytunnel, but I am hoping it was her red beach umbrella!
  • And whilst on the subject of beaches I never thought I would find Hawaii in the middle of New York, but thanks to mz&cho we did
  • Geatrix surprised me with the upside down cones, and Sue found some very ornate ones
  • Michelle amazed me with dragonsIvonaBi delighted with her view and the fabulous Anabel took us on a rather lovely walk
  • I loved Mama Cormier’s every day scenes, including solar panel, in June, and Marilyn made me smile when she went all glittery at the end
  • Cee and Carol joined me with fabulous moss and grass finishes on the roof!
  • And no man (or woman) can ever have too many sheds can they Brian!

I really hope you are still with me as I’d hate you to miss the final 10. I’ll pause though again for a moment so you can catch your breath, or pour a second glass!

  • Debbie was very busy in June but still found time to charm us with her trip to Swakopmund, and did you see Allan‘s enormous blue roof?
  • I have been loving exploring Italy with ‘Una Vista di San Fermo’ but not sure where this extraordinary bridge is.
  • And I am very envious of Aletta’s view from her home, and I love the gals CadyLuck Leedy found suspended in Quebec City
  • If anyone knows what happened to Charles Pétillion’s Heartbeat, both Elaine and I would love to know
  • I have valued so much Laura’s advice on taking rooves (not roofs!) shots, and Margo was brilliant at finding the unusual
  • But where shall I finish . . . .difficult to decide
  • Perhaps with Donna who unknowingly provides you with a clue for September or maybe with Jude as she, like I am sure many of you, had quite a few rooves left over!

I do hope I have included everyone who participated in the final two weeks, but if my WordPress pingback filter has missed you, please do let me know. The next #SquareChallenge will be in September, and confirmation of theme will come out in August, but if you cannot wait until then why not pop across to see Cee who has collated a wonderful list of all the regular challenges.

30 thoughts

  1. Thanks so much for the challenge and the share in this wonderful roundup! Now, I will sure make sure to check out the others, too, they sound lovely 🙂

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    1. Once a week is great. I know daily is really challenging. Can’t wait to see what you do with next one. Will confirm details the last Saturday of August.


    1. That’s what it is here for, rather like the magazines in a waiting room. When you have a few moments it is an opportunity to remind yourself of past pleasures and discover something new – perfect.

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  2. Well done you! That must have taken ages, and I don’t have time for visiting right now. I’ve barely started tomorrow’s walk. We do miss your cheerful smile around here. It must be 6 or 7 weeks to the event, and then you’ll get your life back? Hugs, darlin! Thanks for the link. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Almost all day, but not quite and I had such fun 😁 hope your walk is going well this Sunday evening, am sure a glass of something will help 😉


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