It has been so so long . . . . .

. . .  . . . . . I struggled to remember the password. I think I need the assistance of Dr No!

Secretary Bird

Dr No, a Secretary Bird

Apologies all for the lack of contact, I really thought July was going to be a manageable month. However quite a few things went pear shape. In fact it is all still a bit of a struggle if I am honest. Before you panic I am fine, it is just the ‘to do lists’!

Meerkat watching the show

Meerkat watching the African display

I’ve decided this morning though that enough is enough, and have set aside the next two hours to catch up on your posts, your comments, and my inbox. Not sure that is going to be enough time, but hopefully at least I will be able to say hi.

American Eagle

American Bald-headed Eagle

The gallery of last month’s roof squares I am still working on, so in the meanwhile I thought I’d share a few wildlife squares. Most importantly though I want to say have a fabulous Saturday everyone, and all being well by August I will be back on top of things.

Griffon Vulture

Griffon Eagle

PS if you are wondering about the pics they are all from recent days out on the Hawk Conservancy in Hampshire. Fingers crossed, but making no promises, in August I might have time to do a proper post on the fabulous Dr No and his friends.

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  2. It’s lovely to see you and i totally understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ to do 😦 glad you’re beginning to come out the other side. These photos are gorgeous especially the first one. I’ll tell my daughter about the hawk conservancy, then I can with them when the girls are a bit older. Take it easy lovely girl!

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  3. Lovely to see you again Becky. Love the Meerkat photo, that is excellent. The Bald-headed eagle looks a bit cross and the other one very snooty! Glad you have been getting out and about. I thought that you were either on holiday or holed up in a room having worn yourself out in June!! Take care. See you when we see you, no rush 😀

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    • Hee hee it was cross as its mate didn’t make the fly back, and the vulture one just wasn’t in the mood for flying!!

      And thank you 🙂 I am holed up in a room but in front of a computer. Never realised how much organising a festival involves!!

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