I had a cunning plan for my final Wintonian roof, but I’ve been so busy I didn’t get myself organised. So instead today, the final day of #RoofSquares, I have travelled back in time (well only 19 days) to Fort Nelson, 15miles south east of Winchester. This is a fascinating museum, which at the time of (and reason for) our visit a few weeks ago was hosting ‘Wave‘, but that’s another glorious photo-story for another day.

Today I want to focus on the wonderful natural rooves of this Victorian fort. They really are rather splendid, and on the day of our visit a perfect backdrop for the ‘Wave’. And I hope a rather lovely way to wave goodbye to this month’s Square Challenge.

A huge huge thank you to everyone who has visited, commented and participated. And I’m so sorry that I am probably not going to be able to enjoy your final rooves today. However as some of you know today is day two of Harriet and Steve’s wedding celebrations. So please do bear with me, I hope to back on line very soon and can’t wait to see how you have said goodbye to our Roof Square Challenge.

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    1. ooh fantastic, looking forward to seeing it. And so glad you enjoyed the challenge, and my profuse apologies for not being around properly at the end.


    1. oh thank you so so much. And I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I am delighted so many people enjoyed it, and must think about Septembers soon


  1. Oh, marvellous! I’ve really enjoyed June Squares, and look forward to your next Square Challenge, Becky! Oh, and when (or if) you have a quiet moment, did you get my message to you?

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    1. hello . . I am so glad you enjoyed it. It was fun wasn’t it, although I feel terribly guilty and embarrassed it has taken me until now to catch up on comments. So sorry.

      And sorry not sure I did get the message. Did you email, if so I am still wading through my personal emails. Over 100 at last count, but hopefully today I will catch up..

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