It was only thanks to my involvement with Winchester Heritage Open Days that I discovered how unusual Abbey House is. It is the official residence of Winchester’s Mayor, and apparently there are only five cities in England which have an official mayoral residence.

Abbey House, Winchester

I am guessing London is one of the other five and I think York & Doncaster maybe in the five, but have no idea where the other two are. Do you?

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      1. Never heard of them and they won’t have heard of me -which is the point isn’t it? All well Sue? I’m back Wednesday evening and it will be easier to keep up then xx

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  1. Boston and NY have mayor’s residences, but in neither case does the mayor actually LIVE there. They have their own (modern) homes and the residence is for formal parties. When Garry was working, we used to get an invitation to the Christmas party and even after that while we still knew the mayor. But all the people we knew have retired or passed on. Those were GREAT parties.

    The Boston residence is from the 1700s and it’s very classy. I used to love getting invitations if only to marvel at the architecture!

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    1. Likewise in Winchester, Mayor does not live here. Just used for events and their office!

      Your Boston parties sound amazing 😀


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