It was only thanks to my involvement with Winchester Heritage Open Days that I discovered how unusual Abbey House is. It is the official residence of Winchester’s Mayor, and apparently there are only five cities in England which have an official mayoral residence.

Abbey House, Winchester

I am guessing London is one of the other five and I think York & Doncaster maybe in the five, but have no idea where the other two are. Do you?

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    1. Ooh I’m confused as there are no chimneys in my scrolling header image bank!!!
      Ah I wonder if it is the header image for the post? If so then no it’s much much later than Hampton Court, so maybe inspired by Hampton Court?


    1. Don’t worry Debbie I am days and days behind at the moment. Had such a busy weekend, working flat out and desperately taking a couple of hours out of the ‘day job’ to catch up now.


  1. Doncaster’s Mansion House was the residence of the Mayor of Doncaster from 1750 to 1922 and is a very fine Gerorgian house, though I haven’t been inside it. Donny isn’t a city though so it wouldn’t be one of the five you mention and it is not lived in by the current mayor either.

    According to its website there are only three Mansion Houses in the country. One in London and the other in York Both of those are lived in by the Lord Mayor so I believe.

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