In the Northern Hemisphere

It is the longest day of the year if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, this photo however was taken not long before the shortest day! And we are now on the countdown to that again, which means in less than six months the Christmas lights will be back up. Aargh I hear you cry!


Apologies for mentioning Christmas in June but I did have to think of some kind of reason for sharing a photograph with Christmas lights today!!

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  2. Aargh!!! You horrible woman! Don’t mention the C word until at least December (if then). I am not happy that we have reached the longest day so quickly. I want May and June to last forever. I refuse to look at your roofs today until you bring back the blue sky and sunshine. Please. Pretty Please…

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    • So very very Scottish isn’t it!

      We were staying in the Mercure, looking towards the Victorian Market. So our view looked great, not so good for those looking at us though. The Mercure isn’t the most attractive of buildings!

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    • I know ๐Ÿ˜• which actually is terrifying this year as the first half seemed to go impossibly quick this year. It’s going to be the shortest day in a flash!


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