After yesterday’s collapsed roof in the pouring rain I thought we better go somewhere sunny and beautiful today. So here we are again in the Algarve but the sun is out, recognise it Jo?! I wish I was meeting up with you here today.

Roof Square

It does seem to have an awful lot of cameras though. I didn’t really notice them at the time. I assume they are here as this is a rather lovely hotel on the outskirts of Tavira. What were once homes for tuna fishermen and their families are now expensive hotel rooms. The chapel and school remain unaltered, and there is a tiny but interesting tuna museum. Well worth a visit.Vila Gale Albacora

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  1. The colours are so warm and cheerful in this photos. Funnily enough, I didn’t notice the cameras at all when I first looked at the photo – is that a sign of the times that I am so used to them that I don’t see them? That’s worrying. But, I think, actually, I was just drawn to the sky and the shape of the roof against it, so my eyes skimmed over the cameras.

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    1. Oh I’m so glad you love the pic and that your eye was drawn to the blue and shapes. I think though you are right about us all with cameras, they are so much part of our landscape now we don’t see them.


      1. I don’t really mind having that sort of camera around (although I do draw the line at a neighbour who had about 4 just on the side of his house!) in public places. I just think of the times when recordings from CCTV cameras have helped to solve cases of missing people. I just imagine how I would feel if a member of my family had gone missing and we were able to find out what had happened.

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