Last month as we were waiting for my brother so we could all climb a rather special hill together, my sister and Mum pointed out this fabulous house. I wasn’t too sure at the time when and how I would use the shot, but then inspiration struck. Yes it is wonky but isn’t it fabulous?! There are even roof tiles underneath the roof.

A roof for wildlife

Now I hope you have poured yourself a large cup, mug or glass of something as it is time for another #RoofSquares curation. I think there are 33 to visit today.

To begin I thought I would continue with the theme of guests under or on roofs.

Thought this might be a good moment to take a pause so that you can top up your cup or glass of whatever you are enjoying as you browse through the collection. See you in a moment!

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    1. Hee hee you and Jude have had the same thought! Must be the west country thinking as this hotel is also in the west, in Dorset.


    1. Oh I’m so happy you enjoyed it too. I thought it so cute and delighted I found a reason to share it so soon.

      PS loving the purple on your roof today. Such fun.


    1. So glad you enjoyed and yes did take a while! I’m usually quite quick at creating the summary but I kept getting distracted. So many extra ones I’d missed!

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  1. Becky, this is my favorite roof this month! So Far……..the month is not over yet right? Ha ha! I really enjoy these collection posts, I can’t believe how many photos I miss, until I see this post and go through every one!

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    1. Oh I’m so glad you love it as much as I do. I thought it was so much fun.

      And I know there are so many. And don’t worry about missing as everyone links to so many different posts it is easy to miss!


  2. I love the Bug House! How charming. Maybe I should build one for my bugs (The Snail Hotel) and then they will leave my plants alone. Wishful thinking…

    Well, it is a rainy day here today so I shall just go and make another cup of coffee and come back for a browse. I try to visit as many links as I can on a day to day basis, but many slip through.

    I have another odd one for you today:

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