June is almost upon us which means it is nearly time for the next daily square challenge. You probably saw Saturday’s post, but just in case you missed it the theme for June Squares is roofs, and the tag is #RoofSquares.

Roof tops in Lisbon

It is entirely up to you how you interpret the theme, and even how often you post. There is really only one rule that cannot be broken in the daily square challenge your main photograph must be a square. Hope to see you Friday with a roof or two.

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  1. I was sure my file of things I nearly posted but never got round to must have some good roofs in it, but not much luck. I don’t have time right now for a proper search but I have a Cunning Plan. I will post on Fridays which means I can get away with just one this week and then have 7 days to create some more. We had a lovely country walk today and I was spotting roofs all over – getting my photographer trained up πŸ˜‰

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  2. I have been scouring the archives and come across loads of roofs. Or at least I hope they are what you are expecting. We shall see. Can’t wait to get started…

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