Today I’m having a rare break from work as Mum and I are off to climb what was one of Dad’s favourite hills. Not just Mum and I on this adventure. We are going to be joined by MrB, my sister, brother, sister-in-law, eldest nephew and Dad! Yup today’s the day Dad’s ashes are scattered.

I think Dad will be rather delighted with what we are doing as he loved walking. And the hill we’ve chosen – Melbury Hill – is rather special as it is behind the house where they first retired 25years ago. He loved walking here and we all have so many memories of great walks with him on this hill and others. Here are a few of mine, including one of us on the top of Melbury Hill 20+ years ago.

Obtaining permission was surprisingly easy from the National Trust. Clive who manages Melbury Hill was lovely. His only request was could we make sure Dad gets to enjoy the whole hill and not just one spot. We certainly intend to do that. So now all I need to remember to do is take my walking boots and check wind direction before we scatter. I can hear Dad telling me hilarious stories about the latter, but that’s another post!! Love you Dad, farewell xx

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