It seems so long ago now, but it is less than a month ago when everyone was seeing squares and circles everywhere. Here’s one of mine that didn’t make it last month.Crossing the Foupana

The Foupana was dry when we crossed it back in February but we still used the stepping circles. A good way to practise I thought for when we actually need to use them. Looking at these today brings back such fabulous memories of the walk and also #Marchsquares. No walks planned for today, but whatever we will do I am sure will be fun as today I am another year older. Not until 5:09pm though!

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  1. Happy birthday Becky, or is it over now? Iā€™m travelling at the moment and having trouble getting online in some places.

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    1. I’ve got the sunshine and am feeling confident about it being fabulous. MrB has made me a cake – first time in 21yrs. So excited šŸ˜ƒ


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