I had always planned a few days break after #Marchsquares, but hadn’t quite envisaged the break there has been. I’d forgotten you see that unlike the life of a lesser black-backed gull, the life of B is a little bit hectic this month.Lesser Black Backed Gull in the Saltpans

Over the past seven days I have been juggling work from afar alongside fitting in as much as we can before our Winter sojourn ends, and also getting things together before we return to England. Hopefully I will re-discover my blogging routine and discipline soon, but I am very aware of how many work and social commitments I already have in the diary over the forthcoming weeks. So please do bear with me if posts remain sporadic for a little while longer. I will though make sure I schedule a few Wordless Wednesdays, Six Word Saturdays and Odd Balls to keep you smiling.

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      1. Love it in Portugal – so much fun in the markets and the fresh produce is so fresh. But here It’s horrid so I am in complete agreement. Just a task I have to do 😐


  1. I have enforced breaks when I am at my besties place only occaisionally finding time to blog. I am trying to get used to taking photos on my new tablet or using my phone to load photos and blog from the tablet. It is the me time that gets sacrificed. Breathe…relax ‘cos we will still be here x

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    1. Thank you Gilly 😀 it is extraordinary how much of my life is filled up by it. It’s the guilt for not visiting others I struggle with most!


  2. I think you deserve a rest from blogging. Always nice to see a post from you, but hey, we’re going nowhere and life is for living not just blogging. Have fun in between all the hard work!

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  3. No worries, honey bun! There are only so many hours in the day, even for us ‘gettie-uppers’. It will all keep and before we know it we’ll be madly squaring away in June. And you never know, there may be a hint of a heatwave in the offing. 🙂 🙂

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  4. Not only does LIFE get in the way of blogging, but WordPress gets in the way, too. Their search engine is not working for a lot of us. Only bringing up old posts. Noting in April. For many people, noting since February and for me, nothing. At all.


      1. How bizarre. Why on earth would they do something like that. So annoying for you. Have you contacted the Happiness Engineers Marilyn?


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