I am still seeing squares and circles everywhere. I am a March HareThe March challenge has encouraged me to look through the lens differently, and thanks to Laura and the excellent guides she shared last week I have also learnt quite a bit about photography ratios. No wonder our #MarchSquare adventure was such fun and so spectacular. Talking of which here is the final review I promised on Saturday. What a gallery we have created together, thank you again to everyone for your wonderful contributions. I cannot wait to see what you will achieve in June as one of the delights of this challenge has been how much I have learnt from you all.

I think I have drunk more tea than ever before as I tried to keep up with each and everyone of you, and it has been a frustrating process at times because of WordPress link and spam issues. There have also been times when;

Have a lovely April everyone, and make sure you keep an eye on me in May as sometime that month I will share the cunning plan for June.

Squares and Circles for April
Wasn’t that an octopus of a list!

PS You might notice I have disabled ‘likes on comments’. This is a temporary change whilst the WordPress Happiness Engineers investigate a longer term solution to the Russian spamming problem, which seems to be affecting nearly all of us. I hope they find a solution as I rather like comment likes!

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