I wonder if it will ever pass?!

I am still seeing squares and circles everywhere. I am a March HareThe March challenge has encouraged me to look through the lens differently, and thanks to Laura and the excellent guides she shared last week I have also learnt quite a bit about photography ratios. No wonder our #MarchSquare adventure was such fun and so spectacular. Talking of which here is the final review I promised on Saturday. What a gallery we have created together, thank you again to everyone for your wonderful contributions. I cannot wait to see what you will achieve in June as one of the delights of this challenge has been how much I have learnt from you all.

I think I have drunk more tea than ever before as I tried to keep up with each and everyone of you, and it has been a frustrating process at times because of WordPress link and spam issues. There have also been times when;

Have a lovely April everyone, and make sure you keep an eye on me in May as sometime that month I will share the cunning plan for June.

Squares and Circles for April

Wasn’t that an octopus of a list!

PS You might notice I have disabled ‘likes on comments’. This is a temporary change whilst the WordPress Happiness Engineers investigate a longer term solution to the Russian spamming problem, which seems to be affecting nearly all of us. I hope they find a solution as I rather like comment likes!

24 thoughts on “I wonder if it will ever pass?!

  1. The mosaic octopus is gorgeous – and thank you so much for the round-up. I have popped along to visit everyone and I think I am all caught up now! Looking forward to taking time out from blogging this month, if the weather behaves, though I have scheduled some of my regulars so I will be checking comments.


    • Thanks for the tip re the likes. I’ll have a go.

      Do you know I didn’t really notice how long it took me until the end when I was somewhat aghast at how much time had passed! However didn’t matter as it was raining at time and I was enjoying myself so much 😊


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  3. Oh, heck! I’d better go and put the kettle back on 🙂 🙂 I’ve already found one I’ve missed so the round ups are well worthwhile. Must have taken you ages, so thank you. On the subject of time flying, April seems to stretch ahead of me rather blankly. It’s all simply perspective and I just need a bit of sunshine to get me moving again.
    ‘Nice’ to know that the spamming is hitting us all. I was feeling very lonely in this. I did still manage to ‘like’ you though?

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    • I haven’t stopped post likes, only comment likes as the spammers only seem to be targeting the comments at the moment. However having said that I have just liked your lovely comment – do hope you have got a large cup of tea – so who knows what is going on.

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  4. I just want the traffic back. The picking have been surprisingly slim … and I’m pretty sure that whatever they are doing — security? — it is affecting traffic. Especially affecting COMMENTS. Sometimes, I get 40 or 50 “likes” and NO comments at all … which is pretty odd.


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