I didn’t but we did see palm leaves being carried in Lisbon and I have very happy memories of a donkey being part of a Palm Sunday procession. I think it must have been we lived in Newbury in England. This picture was taken in Alcoutim, in the north east of the Algarve. I am not aware of any donkeys being in a procession there but it does have a donkey tying stone, an incredible collection of tile murals, and happens to be one of our favourite places to spend a lazy sunday.

Donkey in Alcoutim

This coming Sunday won’t be lazy as we have a festival to attend. I will tell you more about that tomorrow, but for now why not grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me again as I look at more of the wonderful #MarchSquares you have been sharing with me over the past couple of weeks.

Yesterday was incredible wasn’t it with the round-up of #MarchSquares. I do hope you will enjoy today’s collection just as much.

I could keep going as what has been shared as been amazing, but I better stop here as I am sure you are all in need of another cup of tea or coffee.

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    1. I am thank you. Hope you’ve had a lovely time with your daughter. Do they have a date for the wedding yet? My eldest stepdaughter has just set her date, so now I must get my head around outfit!

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      1. Yes, the wedding is all booked for Friday 2 November. It will come up fast, but I’m not going dress shopping until August/September when all the new season’s summer dresses will be in the shops. Congratulations to your stepdaughter.

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  1. Ahh you’ve been poorly? 😦 At least you’ve been in the warm, I’m sat with cold fingers despite the heat being on all day, haven’t warmed up since walking the dogs. Your donkey is one of my favourites of the month, I love it!

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    1. He’s lovely isn’t he . . . .there are lots of odes to donkeys in Alcoutim. Rare to see them ‘in person’ though 😦

      And yes I am glad I am here being poorly rather than in England. Your end of March sounds like it has been quite horrid. Do hope Springs arrives properly soon.


  2. Better late than never? I’ve been off the blog for a while and just recently spotted the profusion of circles and squares in squares. So I’m doing two posts, one of squares and one of circles. How lazy is that? 😉

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      1. Thanks Becky! I could have gone on and on with the circle theme, but figured enough was enough. I struggled with the multiple squares, as you’ll see tomorrow. I desperately looked around my apartment, thinking “squares, squares, what can I photograph with squares???”. LOL.

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