I didn’t but we did see palm leaves being carried in Lisbon and I have very happy memories of a donkey being part of a Palm Sunday procession. I think it must have been we lived in Newbury in England. This picture was taken in Alcoutim, in the north east of the Algarve. I am not aware of any donkeys being in a procession there but it does have a donkey tying stone, an incredible collection of tile murals, and happens to be one of our favourite places to spend a lazy sunday.

Donkey in Alcoutim

This coming Sunday won’t be lazy as we have a festival to attend. I will tell you more about that tomorrow, but for now why not grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me again as I look at more of the wonderful #MarchSquares you have been sharing with me over the past couple of weeks.

Yesterday was incredible wasn’t it with the round-up of #MarchSquares. I do hope you will enjoy today’s collection just as much.

I could keep going as what has been shared as been amazing, but I better stop here as I am sure you are all in need of another cup of tea or coffee.

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    1. I am thank you. Hope you’ve had a lovely time with your daughter. Do they have a date for the wedding yet? My eldest stepdaughter has just set her date, so now I must get my head around outfit!

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      1. Yes, the wedding is all booked for Friday 2 November. It will come up fast, but I’m not going dress shopping until August/September when all the new season’s summer dresses will be in the shops. Congratulations to your stepdaughter.

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